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Friday, June 10, 2011

So far so good....

I have almost finished my first week of my new lifestyle. So far things are going pretty well. I am seeing some weight loss and I know this because I am a little obsessed with seeing progress so I weigh in daily. I'm only going to post my weekly weigh-In's here but so far things are going in the right direction. I will have my weekly posts on Sunday which is the day I started this whole process.

Each day I get stronger and each day I get less hungry in between meals. I am learning to love food that is good for me and I am open to trying new foods to acquire different tastes. I eat a little slower now because I actually taste my food. And when you are not in a rush to shove greasy food down your through, things can actually taste good. I'm not saying that a cheeseburger does not taste good but good food also has a great taste.

I am trying to drink lots of water. I am better when I am at work and I tend to get most of my water intake completed in the first half of the day and then I enjoy some tea in the afternoon and my fluid intake levels off so I am not waking up 50 times a night to pee. However, my mornings are spent going back and forth from the bathroom which is a little annoying. I know that my body is thanking me for the extra hydration and proper fuel though.

I am hoping to find new recipes and new foods that will keep me from getting bored. I also want to find more time to exercise, but as a mom of twins who works full time, teaches part-time, and goes to school full time, time is sparse. I just hope I continue to do well, feel well, and make more progress.

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