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Friday, July 8, 2011

30 Day Progress

Here you go folks, I can actually see a difference. The after picture was taken on Tuesday. The before picture was 30 days before that.

I am excited to "see" a difference. I know my body is changing and changing for the better. I am working out most days, cardio on the elliptical on work days and the 30 Day Shred every day. I am doing well with my eating and trying new things. I see a big difference in my face, of course. I lose weight so fast there and it takes a while to trickle down. My waist is smaller, my back fat is going away and my thighs and hips are getting smaller. Woohoo small victories.

My size 8 jeans and work pants are starting to get loose. I may try on a pair of size 6's that I have in my closet to see how close I am to wearing them. Last year when I was at my lowest, I was wearing a size 6 and I am only about 5-6 pounds away from that weight. I am excited for the trip and I WILL reward myself with new clothes before we go so I can enjoy the trip rocking new digs!!!

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